I Am An Esoterrorist

by Thiefist

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Salm Hghs
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Salm Hghs So much happening here. Devastating, instant-action brain stain removal Favorite track: One Drop of Water in One Thiefist.
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released November 1, 2012

Jameta: Vocals, Live Electronics and Production

Albert Redwine: Live Electronics and Production



all rights reserved


Thiefist Kansas City, Missouri

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Track Name: An Esoterrorist with One Thiefist
I am an Esoterrorist

I will slit reality's wrists

With a blade made of paradoxes that I'm gripping in my Thiefist

If you really want to hear

Put the Thiefist in your ear

We mean what we sound like

We're an anamanapia

And our cuts go deep

Way, way past the fascia

I keep the flow going like hemophilia

I can clot with the future man

(you have no idea)

Cause you're trapped in the Jurassic, cast in tree sap mosquito

Au contraire man round here we say "one count 3... yeah!"

My wand works well

I can spell "mekalekahia!"

Where's the volume knob bob?

I really want to turn the beat up

Once I turn it up, I stay up

I am insomnia

I can eat a beat all day, cause I stay at the cafeteria

Hey little lunch lady, give me my blade back

I want to slay your Gila Monster

You are and Esoterrorist

You will slit reality's wrists

With a blade made of paradoxes that you're gripping in your Thiefist


I stand on my two sticks

I start a fire betwixt them

To burn my ego like: "Witch!"

And, to let the Other in like Lilo and Stitch®

"Me threw switch"

Thats just to uncover all my evil habits

I had to lance that exorcyst

I'm an involubricationist

Check out this info-mist:

"I think you posture is a masochist"

Saying "stand straight up, spine made up, with your 7 to the sky and your feet to the beta."

Moma-baby-water put me back harder.

Right back into the earth-child larder

I want ransom

No barter

We are Esoterrorists

We will slit reality's wrists

With blades made of paradoxes that we're gripping in our Thiefists